Here are some interesting facts you may not know….

  • The average worker bee produces about 1/12th teaspoon of honey in her lifetime?
  • A colony of bees consists of 20,000-60,000 honeybees and one queen. Worker honey bees are female, live for about 6 weeks and do all the work.
  • Did you know that in preparation for swarming, a queen bee must lose 1/3 of her body weight so that she can fly longer distances? She slows down egg production, the worker bees feed her less food and she also gets some exercise! The worker bees take turns grabbing and shaking her to stimulate additional weight loss.
  • Stages in Life Cycle of Honey Bees
    Worker Queen Drone
    Open Cell:
    Egg 3 days 3 days 3 days
    Larva (4 molts) 5 days 5 days 7 days
    Sealed Cell:
    Larva/Pro-pupa(1 molt) 3 days 2 days 4 days
    Pupa (1 molt) 10 days 6 days 10 days
    From egg to emergence: 21 days 16 days 24 days
    After emergence:
    Summer bee 6 weeks c. 3 yr c. 4 mo.*
    Winter bee c.6 mo. ditto ———*